Recent projects in which I am involved in can be found right here.


This piece of open-source software can be used in conjunction with the Ipod Nano device from Apple and the Nike Sports Kit extension (see the picture on the left). The idea key behind this project is to provide an offline manangement and comparison tool for runners. Workouts can be organized, planed and be reviewed.

There are different views. For example, a view where you can examine the properties of a particular workout. There you can find out things like distance, speed/pace and powersong information. It's also possible to add meta data to each workout. An emphasis has been placed on the visual browsing of the workouts. From a year overview you are able to step deeper into details by interacting with the graphics. Summary information will be calculated at every level of detail. At current several languages are supported. New views and improvements are planed and maybe there will also be support for GPS-devices.

Link : Neki++ ( hosted by )


It started out as an one-year project assignment of my university (databionics department). It's a data mining framework with emphasis on extensibility and usability. Another neat feature is the logging capability, which has built in support for the typical cyclic approach of Knowledge Discovery.

Link : Vademecum ( hosted by )


This tool was originally created for drawing syntax trees, but it can also be used for displaying all kinds of taxonomies. I think the most interesting part of this software is the treelayout algorithm. It is based on "Walker's Algorithm" but it has an improved version from Paper/2002 so it can layout multinary child nodes in linear time.

Link : not published yet

Geocaching message (de|en) coder component

This tiny tool written in Adobe Flex can be used to encode and to decrypt messages. You are free to modify and to use it. Lbh fheryl arrq gur bcra fbhepr FQX sebz Nqbor juvpu lbh pna qbjaybnq haqre: uggc://jjj.nqbor.pbz/cebqhpgf/syrk/.

Link : GeoCacheCoder.mxml