Cooking with friends

Cooking, playing and chilling out ... we put some of our cooking experience into a blog, see


There is also a nice story about the origin of that blog. Brotkiste is a name of a website but also of a computer which basically Anna and Markus built up into a storage box for bread (running Ubuntu Linux). For a while there has been a website with a guestbook on it, but it has gone down and fortunately relaunched as a blog. As almost everybody of our group is computer scientist we think of enhancing brotkiste into a useful tool.


"Squash is "the world's healthiest sport" (Forbes Magazine), squash is played in over 175 countries by over 20 million people and squash is very easy to learn."

Squash Team-WM 2011 Paderborn


.. an interesting way to discover new and fascinating places around the globe. Pure fun!

Below you find a little tool which helps to decode and encode messages/hints, as they are used by members.

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and vice versa)


As you might see in the list below (Last-FM) I like many styles of music. Recently I hear a lot of ambient music (comes good along with programming), but also guitar based music (contemporary, ska/punk, gothenburg metal, classical rock) and sometimes even salsa.